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6 August 2015

w.i.w.t | citrus sprinkles

dress : spitalfield market | shoes c/o jones the bootmaker | bag : asos (old)

so a while back i pondered the colour yellow; was it me? could i pull it off? would i daaare stray from the candy pink of my heart? well, since then i have noticed more and more yellow and citrusy colours making their way into my wardrobe - and not even that much against my will. more like, voluntarily. for example, there's that orange maxi i wore ~a lot over "summer". then there's the fact i have had yellow nails now for... about three weeks. polish, that is, not disgustingly discoloured (although, when that cast came of...*shudder*) fingers.

so when i rediscovered a favourite bag from last year, and noted it was clearly orange, and it totally complimented the dress i picked up at the markets a few weeks ago, which...is totally citrusy, well, this happened. and i couldn't be happier, because i flippen love this dress - it has pockets, is fully lined, and a really fun and summery print all over it - and not even a hint of pink.

now, if only i was as brave to go bare legged as i am to wear other colours...
what a wonderful world it would be.

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