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18 August 2015

w.i.w.t | checking out

dress + shirt c/o uniqlo | bag c/o lydc | boots c/o asos | belt : primark

a couple of weeks ago i put together a nice little wishlist of things i thought would be nice and practical for a couple of the "festivals" i still have coming up "this summer". so many quotation marks, so little time. well it just so happened that some of that wishlist ended up winging it's way to me, just in time for the london craft beer festival that carmen and i went to over the weekend.

i've never shopped at uniqlo before - outside of considering at length whether or not i needed to join the blogger army when orla kiely released her range of polo-neck tops a couple of winters ago, it's just not a brand i'd ever considered as "my style"; how wrong i was. as soon as i locked eyes on this hot pink shift dress (*which is now four pounds and ninety pee in the sale*), noted the fabric and garment quality versus the price, and that the sizes were so universally simple as s/m/l, i was in.

granted, i checked the size guide to make sure i was definitely the size i thought i would be (a genuinely terrifying lesson i learned the hard way after buying garments from *those sidebar shops* who sell directly out of hong kong, if you get my drift), and i was so pleasantly surprised when it arrived a few days later. i'd gone for a small thinking it would fit around the top and maybe i'd have to belt it around the middle because it would probably pull around my definitely-not-small bum. what joy it was to discover that no no, my bum is also a small! i mean, it's not, but hey ho, uniqlo.

i mean i still totally belted it because a shift dress does not really flatter a curvy lass, and it kind of made me appear cylindrical. fine, if i was lovely and tall, but i'm not. it was bright and grey when i dressed on saturday, so i grabbed the checkered shirt i also spied on the site instead of a jacket. the radio weather man had foretold of an overcast day, and not knowing whether or not we would be inside or out at the festival, i knew the lovely cotton shirt would keep me happy no matter the outcome.

well, i wasn't expecting to have to walk 20 mins in the burning sun, but other than that, i was pretty much perfectly dressed for the occasion! after we drank the festival dry (small lie), carmen and i wandered down the libertines alley for an impromptu fashun bloggah shoot with my new baby; the instax mini8*. mind you, we wasted a fair amount of film figuring out how to work it, and what's worse is that i still don't entirely know how to use it but now i've run out of the super expensive film. so that's good news, isn't it.

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