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13 August 2015

w.i.w.t | getting reddy

bag*: debenhams | dress : forever 21 (old) | shoes c/o shoetique

i don't own much red. i have one red tea dress, these white and red melissa's, and one red skirt. that's it. and to be honest, it's probably my least favourite colour. well, it's certainly up there with navy blue, and brown. such not-me colours. red's not hideous, it's just not a colour i'd choose to wear. but when your pal finds a french red satchel with adorable cream scallops in a sample sale at her work, and gives it to you full of diet cokes on your lunch break at work, you wholeheartedly accept said bag, and make it work in your goddamn wardrobe. challenge: accepted.

ok so a bright red bad basically means a monochrome outfit is needed. it's a good thing i've become a lot more open to wearing black-like things this year (not black, black-like), because it's actually opened up the possibilities a ~lot for me. when riffling through my wardrobe for a black-like number to pair this with, i came across this white polka dot number that i've had for about a hundred years, and haven't worn in at least half as long.

probably the reason being that it's a large, and i am now a small, which is super annoying. looks good here, huh? yeah, i pinned it at the back - like a handful of fabric, which ~of course makes me feel great about myself, but also not because now i can't ~actually wear this outfit out. which is gutting because i absolutely love how it's come together. if nothing else though, this bag is all the encouragement i need to start adding to the red-like things in my wardrobe, because i fricken love it so hard.

massive shout out to charlie distracted for being a bloody ace pal, and enabling a girl's diet coke addiction the best way possible.

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