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17 August 2015

some happy things.

this week has been bizzzzay at work. little shaun has been out of the office and the rest of us have been running around like headless chooks with the lack of hands on deck. well deserved break for him though, so fair play. but no more holidays for any of them, any more. other than that, i've been trying to keep it a little low-key as i'm fighting some unknown illness, and oh - i'm broke. again. life! there have been some glimmers of happiness keeping me smiley this week, such as:

romantic views; sometimes when i get bored of the four walls in my room, i go outside. when the weather is particularly nice, the local landmarks are particularly pretty. like st. augustine's church on one tree hill which is about half way up the hill towards one of the best view points i've ever found in london.

autumn is coming; walking to work in sandals, crunching brown leaves under foot. not a better season exists.

perfect stationery; my filofax pages ran out at the start of august, and i couldn't bring it to myself to replace them because i wasn't sure if i really liked it any more. then i saw someone post a picture of their "i am very busy" agenda on twitter and it was all over. this floral ban.do planner was mine within the next 24 hours, and it's already had the next two months filled in and diarised. look out world, i gots plans!

perfect buildings and melted cheese; a walk from work to soho resulting in toasted cheese sandwiches (more on this in the week) made even lovelier with fab company, and gorgeous buildings. i fricken love this city.

biscuit wednesdays; because hello. what other day can you survive solely on jammy dodgers?

focus groups with your girl gang; watching bloggers in the wild is some of the funniest things ever, especially when there are real-people in the room too. example: when myself and a handful of other london bloggers were invited to debenhams head office in the week to participate in a focus group about how bloggers like working with brands. as someone who is a blogger and also works with bloggers as a brand, i really enjoyed the opportunity to share experiences, and hear about what other bloggers think too. the lovely marketing ladies sure enjoyed us standing on their furniture so we could capture the best picture of the provided food. at least, we assume that's what their laughter meant...

anniversaries; on friday i was rewarded with a john lewis gift card from work as a "congratulations, you've been employed for a year!" type thing, and i managed to spend it in 12 minutes. i replaced a long-lost nars blusher that i've missed desperately, bought myself a bottle of my favourite perfume, and replaced the expensive foundation i've been putting off spending my own money on. girl did good, happy birthday me!

lady dates; on saturday, carmen and i spent the day together, gossiping, chatting, and mostly drinking all the free beer at the london craft beer festival. ok so maybe not "free" per say, as the unlimited samples came included in the cost of the ticket, but when you're in a massive event space full of london's best breweries and all the taps are flowing at your beck-and-call, you pretend it's free. fyi: raspberry beer is my favourite, for sure.

instant photos; i finally cracked out the instax mini on saturday too, and despite spending far-too-much time and film on figuring out how to actually make it work, we had a blast snapping away down the libertines alley after the festival, making all our fashun bloggah dreams come true. best!

good news; on saturday, one of my best mates got engaged to her baby daddy of three years, and another had a baby with her baby daddy of almost two years of marriage. ain't life amazing? two wonderful things that couldn't have happened to four more deserving people, and so to celebrate, i ate a burger at a wetherspoons and toasted them with cheap gin. i am ~such a good friend.

friends from afar; i spent sunday with lots of friends from far away. i caught up with donna and her fiance john over coffee and some street art education around camden, before passing on to laura from the internet for an afternoon catch up session over cheap beers in the sun. i am ~extremely lucky to have so many amazing friends in my life - even if they are usually so far away, because when the timing's right, a friend in the hand is worth more than a life of therapy. or something like that.

on wednesdays, we wear pink; to top the week off i watched my favourite film, on a barge, floating on london's canals. i went on a canal boat for my 30th last year which didn't end the way it was supposed to, and i haven't had a chance to rectify that as yet. this came pretty damn close to being the best experience i've had on a canal, as well as the best time i've seen mean girls. well, except for the bitch along at prince charles cinema. that was amazing, and can't be topped. more on this in the week.

all in all, it was another happiness-coated week. tell me about yours?

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