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16 September 2015

time after time.

after betty's tea party and a wander through the homeware departments in liberty and house of fraser at the weekend, i've been inspired by vintage styling all over again; i spent sunday afternoon trawling the interwebs for floral tea dresses, retro homewares, and totally pretty frames from a time that will never be mine, but that i would slip into with ease.

i read an article over the weekend about a couple who live as if they were in the victorian era. but in the now. they're both history buffs, and have - over time, managed to find victorian alternatives to modern-day customs. which, i suppose, wouldn't be ~that hard, seeing as it would just be like reverting to a time and to technology that has already existed, and not like, creating new technologies. although, a time over two hundred years ago, is quite a feat. they have mostly sourced antiques and such, but the dedication to their choice is admirable, i think.

it did make me wonder though, about if i could do something similar. not the 1800s of course, but, an era closer to the now, but still less... modern. tv shows like mad men and films like the help such give the retro eras of the 50s and 60s such a glamourous glow, and with charity shops selling original pieces and the high street selling retro knock offs, i should think it wouldn't be too hard to slip into a totally golden era of living. 

personally, i don't imagine totally pastel, fit-and-flare, and gold-rimmed world would be too much of stretch of my imagination... do you? if you had to live in another time, which would it be?

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