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7 September 2015

some happy things.

this week kicked off with a four day weekend for me, followed by a four day week, so... yeah, you know, not too shabby really. a few other things making me happy this week were:

birthday month! - it's september, which means it's my birthday! month! i get a whole month! well, not really, but september always indicates lots of my favourite things; autumn is on it's way, pumpkin spiced latte is back on the menu (i don't really like it, but it means that toffee nut is next!), and there's always a holiday to look forward to. this year bex and i are off to turkey for my bday weekend, and i am buzzing! i need a break for real.

bottomless brunch - on monday i got day-time-tipsy with rebekah and ani at bourne and hollingworth buildings in islington, and drank bottomless bellinis for two hours... i wrote a post about it when i got in, while i was still a biiiit drunk, and everyone had a laugh.

new ventures - i have been busy in the background helping good pal lucinda get her dream of a rad, indie zine on-and-off line, by contributing some of my words to the very first issue. 'ladyfuzz' is a mag created by a collective based all over the world. we love records, art, and going to shows. but mostly coffee. we are alternative and talented. we have stories to tell. we are ladyfuzz. you should check us out and buy one of the limited edition copies!

one team one dream - mike started work with me on tuesday; weird to have my pal at ~work, but more friends at work is fun! on wednesday we went to the homeslice pizza in fitzrovia for a big old fashion welcome lunch (we ate five 20" pizzas between nine of us...), before getting involved in a department-wide team bonding treasure hunt across london after work - that we only went and came second in! we ran all over london for more than two hours, and the next day, my feet were in bits. it was awesome fun though, with hints and clues text to us from destination to destination, we really had to work together to figure out the answers. thanks to all the walking tours i do around london, my useless information storage definitely came in handy!

new lipstick - my lovely colleague nicole spent the long weekend in paris (and then sixteen hours stuck on a train in calais - don't ask), and while there, she spoiled me in sephora with this lush new lipstain called strawberry kissed that i just haven't been able to stop wearing! it was in my birthday wishlist too, which means there's only a few things left for you lot to buy me now...

fresh flowers and freshly baked blondies - having the bearded baker at work has all kinds of perks; like when he comes to you and says "i need to blog something tonight, what should i bake?" and i literally just decide what i want to eat and he bakes it later that night and brings a tin of pecan and caramel blondies the next day. that's a perk. fresh flower deliveries from appleyard london is also a perk, but totally nothing to do with him, thankfully.

staycations - i spent this weekend with rebekah in leeds; we had no plans other than to hang out with hayley and her mum and watch some x factor with some local company, but we ended up seeing so much of the city, eating so many yum things in highly recommended foodie haunts, and then spending a fab night teaching the "sass stance" to drunk men in the brotherhood with hayley by our side. had such an awesome weekend, and grateful to have a late start at work today because, i am exhausted.

how has your week been; tell me all the happy things.

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