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29 September 2015

style | award winning (we hope!)

skirt c/o boohoo.com | top c/o bonmarche | bag c/o lydc | shoes c/o new look | crown : markets

last week i threw a few options at you about what i should wear to the bloggers blog awards this weekend in leeds. well, you discussed and i listened. and then i (probably) disregarded all your opinions and opted for the safest, and most me-est option of them all: some sort of ethereal garden princess, in an totally age-inappropriate outfit.

but you know what? i don't even caaaare; this outfit is the most comfiest, the most prettiest, and the most "that girl is not from around here"-est outfit i could wear really, and after my wear-all-the-black admisson from last week also, it's nice to be able to still find some suitable pastel options in autumn. so ner! i love how it's worked out, and feel totally award-ready now. where's my red carpet!?

*oh my gawd, look at those roots! dire.*

when i saw this skirt on site at boohoo, i knew it needed to be mine. in fact, there are loads of gorgeous tulle skirts on there at the minute, i wonder if there's a trend happening that i'm not privy to as yet... that would be a first - me on trend. what a thing to celebrate!

ok so in all honesty this whole outfit is basically just an updated-for-autumn version of the very same one i wore to the yorkshire wedding back in june, and... i'm pretty much ok with that, because i felt super pretty and princessy at the time, and who the hell doesn't want to feel like that more than once? maybe it's the erica-equivalent of jeans and a tee shirt? ...clutching at straws there...

look, any excuse to not act my age (when do i anyway?) and dress like a bit of a princess for a day, eh? nowt wrong with that. now, wish me luck - i'm off to meet a bunch of my blogging idols - eep!

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