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24 September 2015

style | got it in black?

oh no big deal, i just thought i'd share with you some of the pieces i have scattered about various baskets on the internet at the moment. notice anything strange? similar? worrying? what the hell you guys, it's all black. (and a bit grey. and some pink still, but mostly, it's all black.)

i mentioned recently that i'd been warned about the affects that a big and bright tattoo will have my wardrobe. for a bit, i ignored the warnings. while lady d was healing, i continued to wear whatever the hell i wanted, throwing complete disregard to the wind. i am the master of the wardrobe! i do me! you do you! blah blah blah!

but then. so many people wanted to see the tattoo. so many people were like, "oh, it's so pretty! it's so colourful! it's so blah blah!" and i'd be all glowy with pride and stuff, and then like... wanted to show it off? that was new for me. see, i got these tattoos for me. i assumed people would comment and have opinions, but i never thought it'd be a case of wanted to like, show them off to other people. maybe because before lady d i wasn't too bothered about the rose, and it wasn't all that bright. and maybe because i was trying to hide it a bit because it was bit shit. but it's not shit anymore. now it's pastel perfection, and it is the absolute best accessory i have. and you have to dress around your accessories, don't you?

so initially i was wearing a lot of complimentary colours; lilacs, pinks, denim blues. pastels are not new for me, and by all means no stretch of the comfort zone. but there are only so many "plain-ish" pastel dresses hanging in my wardrobe. there are also only so many plain black or monochrome dresses hanging in my wardrobe. and i don't like wearing the same thing more than once in a fortnight. because i'm weird like that. 

so, to the internet i went to find more plain-ish things to add to my wardrobe. being that it's autumn though, guess what there's none of on sale at the moment? plain-ish pastel dresses. loads of autumnal colours (so not me), loads of tan suede (so not me), loads of aztec print (i mean, does it need to be said?), and a crap ton of black. aka "back-up black". 

and wanna know a secret? i'm rather enjoying the change. because it is a change for me. even at mo most emo, i never wore a lot of black. since turning thirty though, there's been a steady addition of black-like things into my wardrobe. and for now, it's still a "change". when it stops being a "change" and starts being "the norm", it'll be time to to put me out to pasture.

i expect you to let me know when the times comes, ok team? many thanks.

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