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1 September 2015

w.i.w.t | everything's rosey (+ a giveaway!)

a couple of weeks ago when i had some time to kill in between hospital appointments, i popped into lewisham shopping centre quickly. i usually hate shopping in between seasons because the shops are all trying to shove the impending season's colour schemes down your throat, and especially at this time of year, those impending colour schemes are just so not ~me. blue and orange? no thank you. 

so i was pleasantly surprised to see this pink rose tea dress hanging all alone on the sale rail in select, the last of its kind, and marked down to a couple hundred pennies - it was meant to be! except it was a size too small, and missing a button; i tried it on anyway, and was beyond happy to find it still (kinda) fit (except over the bazingas), and they kindly knocked off another quid when i asked about the missing button. knowing there was a spare in the lining, i felt i'd definitely won that round.

with the spare button firmly attached in its lost brother's place, i wore my bargain dress out to lunch in angel on sunday, to celebrate a good friend's birthday. the thing i love most about the dress is the secret elastic waist band that means you can eat all you want and the dress never gets too tight. it's basically magic.

dress : select | boots : asos | bag : primark | bracelet c/o buckley london

the other thing i love is that the pink roses of the print are the perfect thing to compliment my new rose gold snowball bracelet from buckley london. i'm not much of a jewellery girl - as we know - but i love the simplicity collection; the colour of the metal is easy to wear with basically my whole entire wardrobe, and the sweet rounded design of the bracelet and adjustable sizing means that my irrational fear of losing a limb to a piece of jewellery is left in the dust too. 

because i don't wear jewellery very often, the simple ball bracelet paired with the bargain dress was the perfect combo to garner loads of compliments while out to lunch on sunday. that's my kinda sunday! and because i wanna be able to pass that kind of fab attention on, i've got a few other pieces from the rose gold simplicity collection to give away to you! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
there's a sweet little snowball cluster bracelet (similar to mine but a bit jazzier!) and a simplicity necklace too - that i almost kept for myself because it's that pretty; together they're valued at almost fifty quid too, which is a pretty special giveaway if i do say so myself. the giveaway is only open to uk residents unfortunately, but it's easy as pie to enter - just check out the rafflecopter above! the giveaway will run for two weeks, and the winner will be notified by email.

good luck everyone - these are some lovely little pieces to add to your collection!

*thanks to buckley london for gifting the pieces to give away*

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