style | knitwearing - part one

i love a good challenge, i do, so when new look got in touch asking if i'd quite like to try and style one piece of knitwear two ways for the winter, i kind of scoffed a bit, and thought - well ~obviously. i'll be in edinburgh in a matter of weeks and the weather up there is just not letting up at all, so i do kind of need all the help i can get on the warmth front. 

i have a shit ton of knitwear already, and definitely was not in the market for yet ~another fluffy jumper or chunky item of clothing that i'd struggle to pack in my case for my staycation, but there was something i'd had my mind on for a couple of months now - since first pinning something similar back in october: a knitted tunic.

knit dress* + coat + scarf* : new look | boots : asos (similar)

i spotted this grey marle one on sale, and thought it looked ~perfect. it comes in burgandy too, which is originally the colour i thought about getting, but i do just think that grey tends to go with a bit more than a colour, and i'll get quite a lot more wear out of this one - no matter what colour or stage of regrowth my hair is at.

for the first "look" i figured i should just wear it as it was intended - and how it will most regularly be worn on holidays: layered with a thick scarf, warm boots, and my such practical new winter coat - also from new look a few weeks ago now, on sale for £25 down from £65 (although it shows £50 online, my tag definitely said otherwise)... bargain! even though the dress is only a poly-blend and not ~actually knitted, it's still super warm - especially with all the many layers atop it!

i do hope to think this will be a sensible option come christmas in scotland, but only time will tell.
keep your eyes peeled for take two with this dress later in the week.