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18 November 2015

wishlist | edin-brrrrrrrrrrr!

i'm going up to edinburgh to hang with rebekah for a couple of weeks over christmas and new years, and considering it's ~already been snowing up there this week (thanks abigail), i reckon i'm going to freeze to death. to combat that, because that's just no fun for anyone, realistically i'm going to have to stock up on warm clothing. like, of course i have warm clothing, but at least in london when it's cold, it's only cold while you're darting from home to train to office to tube to restaurant to bar to next thing. you're never cold for long.

not that i suspect it will be ~much different in ediburgh, but, we will be doing more ~stuff in edinburgh than i would actively choose to do in the london winter. you know? although, we did ok in the lake district last christmas, so who knows. maybe i'm just paranoiiiid about the cold. also, i guess there are shops in scotland too, right...

never the less, stocking up on some basic long sleeves and a new bobble hat (love the paulie's one above!) to keep the arms and ears warm is never a bad idea. you know the thermal tights and leggings will be restocked and upgraded from last year's holey messes, and i'll certainly need to invest in some wide-fit flat boots for all my stomping needs. i do wonder if this is the year i choose comfort over anything else and get a padded parka for my journey north, as that's the most sure-fire way of getting and staying warm in the great outdoors... right? so,  i suppose other from ~all of that...i'm kind of sorted?

omygod help me buy all the things so i don't freeze to death.

*post written in collaboration with brand*