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4 March 2016

style | style spotting

i'm having a(nother) style crisis; still, nothing fits. still, nothing goes with my ever-changing hair colour. still, i find myself wearing all black, all the time. i'm annoyed by my wardrobe constantly, yet i keep buying the same things; the same styles; the same shapes; the same colours. so, when the opportunity came along to try something new, courtesy of sugarhill boutique, i didn't hesitate.

yes, fine; it's still kinda black. yes, fine; it's still kinda fit and flare. yes, fine; it's still definitely polka dot, but something new(ish): midi dress! it's not the first time i've tried to work a midi, and to be honest, i'm still not all that convinced it's a style i can pull off. i sent a snap of this outfit to bex who replied "lol, you're so east london" and i was all "omg, i'm so hipster" - but the conversation played out in a totally ironic way (because of course it did), because as if i'm a hip-- oh my god, pastel hair, tattoos, chunky black boots...what is happening!

i met up with kb on sunday afternoon for a few drinks, and she plied me with sartorial compliments. i explained my hesitance and concern at looking a bit too trendy for my own good, and she told me to shut up and work it. so, i guess i'll try that next. i had to wear tights when i headed out because, despite the beautiful blue skies, it was the most icy of days and there was no way my legs were meeting the air without protection.

dress c/o sugarhill boutique | boots c/o boohoo | belt : new look | jacket*: just jeans 

i have to admit, it felt nice to wear something a little outside of my comfort zone. the dress is super comfortable and well-made, and is lined really well so there were zero static issues between the light chiffon fabric and my lycra-clad tights - bonus! i love the little rolled sleeves too; such a great length for when the spring ~finally hits and i definitely do ~not want my arm pits on show.

the dress comes with a nice little tan belt, but i preferred the thicker, blacker belt in this case. the black boots and jacket really tied it all together, and totally made me feel badddd asssss! my biggest concern though is: what coat do i wear with a midi dress? i wore my regular old black parka (not trendy in the slightest) because it was so frosty, and it definitely just ruined the whole look. 

i took a poll on twitter and the general consensus was that a cropped jacket was the way to go. well, not in five degree weather it wasn't, and the leather jacket just was ~not doing the job. i suppose i will just have to relegate this one to the spring-time wardrobe, and hope that its time comes back around swiftly!

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