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30 March 2017


hello. happy friday! i'd just like to take this opportunity to quickly introduce you to my new favourite dress. i saw it onsite at apricot and thought that it'd be the perfect transitional dress for spring; for layering with lighter jackets to and from the office, for lazy brunches with the girls, or for spring days walking monty the dog. or, for breezy weekends away in the countryside, like the one i had last weekend in devon.

because nothing screams lazy sunday walks along the coast like a flowy floral dress paired with glittery sock boots, right? i mean, let's be real: i did not wear the sock boots while away in devon because i'm not a psychopath, but i do think they look absolutely bangin' with this dress. the dress doesn't quite fit in the way i thought it would - it's labelled as a tea dress but it's way oversized (i am wearing a 10 and it's super baggy), so it sits more like a smock or a.. i don't even know what the style would be called but in my mind it's what stevie nicks would have worn in the 70s, you know? yeah, that style. it's very that. and i'm not sure it's totally flattering, but it is totally comfy, and that's absolutely good enough for me.

dress c/o apricot | bag c/o coach | boots c/o 4th + reckless

i love the tie at the back of the neck, which isn't very well demonstrated in these pictures because i couldn't figure out a) how to tie it without choking myself, and b) how to photograph it solo, but trust me: it's cool. i also love that it's not so black that it can't be accessorised so that i don't look like a gothic fairy (my normal vibe), and have another excellent excuse to whip out the coach dinky (it's possible i picked this dress with this bag in mind because it's the perfect combo, right?). it's just a shame the weather plotted against me and the "natural spring light" isn't a real thing in the uk. soz about the dodgy, grainy pictures guys, but.. it wouldn't be my blog without them.