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17 March 2017


my name is erica, and i am a magpie. i am attracted to anything that sparkles or shimmers in the sunlight, and if it's pink, even better. so, when i saw these shoes over on everything 5 pounds, i knew they had to be mine. i wasn't sure that they'd suit, as at the time it was still the height of winter and i was basically living in boots, but i knew i could make them work. i especially like the black laces and inside with white soles, as they seem to go a lot better with tights than white laces and insides would.

despite how jazzy they are, they're still fairy causal - and comfortable. which means they were the perfect thing to wear on last weekend's trip to ikea, because i knew we would be walking around slowly, and for hours, and i would complain if i was in anything other than a sensible shoe. another benefit is that they're the absolute *perfect* match for my new satin bomber.

dress + backpack : primark | jacket : new look | shoes c/o e5p

because i'm more pear shaped than anything else, i never really thought i could wear a bomber jacket. they can tend to make the torso look a little "round" and can be unflattering on my shape, but i took a chance with this one because it was only a tenner, and it seemed like the perfect thing for my spring wardrobe. and, i was right! the jacket was warm enough to wear out on the weekend without a thicker coat, and actually, is more flattering than i thought too. but. after i wore this once, it got ruined.

the hardware on the pockets is really rough and spiky, and rubbing the delicate fabric over them really, really damaged the sleeves of the jacket. i tweeted new look about it and they were very good about it and refunded the jacket no questions asked. i have bought a second one, and continue to wear the very, very ruined one for now, but.. disappointed is an understatement.

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