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24 March 2017


despite ranting about how much embroidered stuff there is in new look at the moment, i now own a piece of it, in fact, i was in-store collecting it when i made the observation about all the embroidered stuff. isn't it ironic; don't you think? well, whatever you think, the fact remains that i'm a massive hypocrite who ought to be ashamed of herself, but can't be, because i now own a totally gorgeous embroidered jumper that makes me feel all pretty and ethereal and nothing at all like ashamed when i wear it. so where does that leave us, huh?

the real fact of the matter is that i've wanted this jumper for ages after seeing it on a few of my fave bloggers, and yet every time i went to buy it, i couldn't justify the almost-thirty quid for it. i've never loved any jumper enough to spend thirty pounds on it, so when i saw it in the sale recently for a measly tenner, i jumped. they didn't have my size, but i thought fuck it i'll wear it oversized and - in the immortal words of tim gunn: make it work. while i was celebrating my excitement at finding this score by perusing the rest of the sale stuff, i was drawn to yet another pair of chelsea boots - this time suedette, and this time, only a fiver. a fiver. they're now sold out, soz about that.

jumper : new look | dress : h&m (similar) | boots : new look (similar)

your loss is my gain because i've gained one pretty swell new springtime outfit for the stupid price of twenty pounds. for this whole look! that i've already worn a bunch of times! god, i forgot what shopping for things you actually like first hand actually feels like; so long depop and insta-sales, i think i've finally got my shopping mojo back! that is.. once all the embroidery leaves the hangers.