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6 March 2017


i write this from my sick bed, so i'm not sure the title is totally transparent, but let's focus on the fun things that *have* actually happened to me in the last week, not the shite things that have seen the start of a new one. like, this new blog design! what do we think? it was a total decision made on a whim this week, when my current design went down for a few hours and i panic-shopped around for a new one. i found a really cute etsy store with premade templates for - i kid you not, five pounds, and it was installed within the hour. i think it's a nice update for spring, but not sure i am in love with the layout just yet. things i *am* in love with though...

bangarang in bucharest | well, i started the week with some of my best friends, in one of the pretty/unprettiest cities i've had the pleasure to explore, and it was awesome. it was tiring, it was testing, but mostly, it was the best time. if you've never had a girls holiday as an adult, you should.

the art of the brick | the day after i got back, ben and i went to the press preview of nathan sawaya's lego installation the art of the brick on the southbank. i'm not a huuuuge comic book fan, but i do like well-thought out and modern art, and ben is an artist himself, so we went for a look. we bumped into sophie there too, which was great because i hadn't seen her since christmas, and to be honest: the catch up with her was more fun for me than the exhibition. but, if you're a lego fan then i reckon you'd probably love it. get your tickets here.

rosa's comes to brixton | then, because i hadn't seen enough of them, katy, charley, charlie and i headed into brixton two days after we came back from holiday together, for the opening party for rosa's thai cafe's newest restaurant. we ate sooo many canapes and drank sooo many beers, and i can hand on heart say that i've never eaten so well at an opening party. like, not only was there a lot of food, but the food was incredddible. i can't wait to get back there for a proper sit down dinner, because if those tasties were anything to go by, i am going to adore the new menu.

london in the sun | is there anything better?

boys in the hood | on friday night we did something we've never done before: we let boys into our monthly group hang. mainly to keep emma's boyfriend pablo company while we cackle about silly things like anna kendrick, pizza toppings, and pigeons, but also because a few new boys have made their way into the inner circle over the last few months, so it was about time we put them all in a room together for a bit of sink-or-swim. mean? us? never! it was a bloody success though, and we have now dubbed them "boyarang". we are pathetic.

some me time | i cancelled all my saturday plans and spent the day on me. i headed down for a relaxing massage nice and early, then to the gym, and then for some dinner with ben and his friends at franco manca in balham. other than a small blip on the face of a great day, by way of an unwashed miscreant spewing some everyday sexism at me as i walked to the salon, it was a really relaxing day. i'm not sure how - between then and now i managed to get totally ill, but, cest la vie. if that's my penance for a really relaxing weekend, then so be it.

ikea sunday | i then made ben come to ikea with me and build me a thing while i sewed buttons back on his coat. don't try and school me on gender roles, ok, i know what i'm good at, and it's *not* building flat-pack furniture.

i hope your week was just as action-packed as mine. until next time...

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