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2 August 2017


and, i'm not prepared for it. i've dusted off the lumie lamp in preparation for the shorter days and darker mornings, but i'm also actively considering a whole room overhaul in the build-up to the cooler months, to help keep some sunshine around. mainly because bright colours make me happy, and getting up in the dark doesn't - ya know what i mean?

i've already got my eye on some new bedding, a fresh set of curtains that don't actually fall off the rail, and a reaaaaally nice new rug - one that will hopefully be easier to keep clean that my well-worn carpet that mainly just collects dust and pink hairs.. from where, i don't know. this last one is pretty important, because even in the height of winter you will find me sleeping with the window open, so that dust is pretty relentless, and i've not had a working vacuum in sommmme time. that's all going to change soon though, because #adulting.

i'd also really love to get a lush new reading chair in my room, and give the room a bit of a move around. i've been in this flat for about 18 months now, and not really had much of a play around with the furniture. i'm sure there are better ways to utilise the space i have, so i'd love to like - pull everything out, and then put it all back in bit-by-bit. (as an aside: when i was a kid, i'd go through the real estate section of the paper and pretend the houses were mine. i'd then measure up my own furniture, draw them out on paper at scale, cut them out, and then try and fit them into the houses i'd want to buy. yeah, i was an only child.)

the old-as-heck paint on my walls is a pretty gross beige colour, which definitely needs a revamp. i'd not like to fall into the basic-blogger category and paint the walls white, but definitely a more neutral colour to the warm beige i have at the moment. a soft grey would be perfect, i think, and match a lot of the furniture and soft furnishings i do already have. the lighter tones will definitely keep the natural light bouncing around a little bit longer, and i'm quite sure the landlord wouldn't mind either; any lick of paint i can add to this place will definitely be better for her in the long run!

so, i reckon with a few small tweaks i can get myself nice and prepared for the next season without too much hassle. what say you; are you a seasonal decorator like me, or does your personal hide-away stay pretty much the same year-round (give or take a few extra blankets)? if you're after some easy inspo, check out this pretty little e-book full of tips on how to renovate, redecorate, inspire your home for autumn.

*post written in collaboration with julian charles, but all words are mine.

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