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16 August 2017


yeah so, it's no secret i travel a lot. i'm coming up seven years living in the capital, and during that time i have visited more than twenty new countries, escaped to every corner of the uk, been as far south, west and east of this island as you can, and definitely considered exploring everywhere in between. i just really love travelling, ok? but, look: london is an expensive place to live, and this year alone i have only spent half of my weekends in the city i call home. that's just not good enough.

i only live about forty minutes out of the city via the underground, but at the weekends that i am in london, i tend to stick to my own neighbourhood, or meet the girls or ben in the east. it's just easier to stay close to home, really, though it does seem a shame to be missing out on so many great london attractions.. i miss exploring london! 

i miss going to the theatre; i need to take the afternoon tea i have a gift voucher for; i want to check out the new design museum; i desperately need to go to all those basic pink cafes that are all over instagram that are screaming out for me to take photos of them and their pink lattes. so, what am i going to do about it? well, i'm actually thinking about booking a day-use hotel with daybreak hotels so i can finally get my shit together and get my london life back on track. otherwise. what's the point of me being here?

...a what?

use their fancy af facilities

so day use hotels do what they say on the tin. you know how in those tacky american films you see the scary murder-person renting sleazy motel rooms by the hour? well, think that - but more luxurious. when rooms haven't been booked or have a late check-in due, plenty of city hotels also offer rooms by the day. cool, huh! this is traditionally aimed at business people, as they can use the facilities like the health club, restaurant, room service, and meeting rooms, but for someone like me? i'm all about those spa treatments.

stay for dinner, be home for bed

another perk of these day use rooms is that they can often be up to 70% cheaper than the normal rack rate for an overnight stay.. that's.. an incredible saving! and what a small price to pay for a comfortable base for a day out in the big smoke, no? day use rooms in some luxury hotels even allow you to enjoy sunset views from their roof terraces and luxury suites in between booked guests rocking up, so.. hello room service! you can literally stay for dinner, lounge in the nice bath tubs check out the sunset view, and then, like, be on your way home to your own bed. incredible, no?

recharge, revive, survive

i can't personally think of a nicer way to recharge from a hectic morning of cafe hopping and museum skulking than in a big luxury suite. because a lot of these hotels are located near major train stations (and even some airports in a few cases - which would the perrrfect revival if you've a long lay-over or your flight has been ridiculously delayed!), they're ridiculously central and ideally located for a day spent exploring the city. and like, genuinely, i cannot think of any negatives to this service, so.. lemme check my diary and see when i'm actually next in london...

now, tell me: have you ever, or would you ever, consider booking a day-use hotel?

*post written in collaboration, but all words are bloody mine!

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