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25 August 2017


i am in full ja-planning mode right now, and am furiously ticking needed items off my to-buy list; the most recent thing being a good quality rain coat for that "what if" weather we're bound to run into. i have had a pretty tacky pack-a-parka for the last few years, that i have really only used a few times to walk the dog or at a day festival, but most recently at a day spent painting outside - so it's totally paint splattered now. and, pretty flimsy, and i don't have confidence that it will support me in my time of need in the middle of the japanese wilderness (ie. tokyo). so, a top notch one was on the list.

i spotted this pretty mint green one one day while looking for trainers (keep reading for those) on love the sales, and in a few clicks had followed my bargain-hunting nose to a super bargain of a coat. it was reduced from £60 more than 50% and ended up being only £24 - the colour is perfect for me, and in person, the fabric has a slight metallic "pearl" tone to it, which is super fun and very "me". i took it along with me to brighton last weekend, just in case the weather didn't turn out the way the weather man had said it would - and it was just as well, too!

trainers + rain mac c/o love the sales | tee : primark | culottes + backpack : new look

though the morning was bright and sunny, the afternoon was a whole different scenario. within minutes of us hitting the lanes, the skies turned grey, the light became moody, and the clouds opened up. at first, a few showers, and i was super grateful to have the jacket with me! i was very smug at that point, too, let me tell you that. but then.. then we hit the pier. and the wind picked up. and the rain came back - a hundred times worse! the raincoat could not keep up, at all. the hood blew off my head, the rain ran down my arms, and the buttons all popped open from the wind (i can't zip it up; even though it's a 12 the style is petite and so is a little on the snug side around my bum) - it was a disaster.

the rain came at us from all directions to a point where my trousers were stuck to my thighs, my new pink suede trainers (also more than half price! a veritable bargain at £30!) were soaked through (and squelching), and there was no point ducking into a coffee shop to avoid the rain because the damage had already been done. we hurried back to the hotel so we could change into dry clothes and jump on a train home, missing out on an afternoon in my favourite town. typically, as soon as we made it on the train the sun came back out.. 

jinxed by my own raincoat? probably.

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