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30 August 2017


hey! hope you had a good night? we didn't get to bed until sooo late last night; we bailed on the film a bit early because we damn well nearly blew away! the weather last night was the worst i have ever seen it in brighton. the walk down to the beach from the hotel was another level windy but it just. didn't. stop! at points in the film we could barely hear over the howling winds, so, yeah: the four of us headed back to the hotel early, and we basically drank prosecco and chatted into the wee hours. it was actually amazing, and we had a bloody great night after all. i slept like a log too, which was nice! anyway, will i see you tomorrow? x

seriously! is it any wonder i am so in love with brighton when it looks like this?! pastel bunting, pastel houses, pastel skies... and loads of dogs, ha. i have always been a big fan of brighton, but something has switch in me over the last few months where i'm starting to consider making a bit more a life there... we're never going to be able to afford to buy in london, are we, so what's the next best thing? i used to think it would be manchester or bristol, but lately... the seaside is calling me - bad weather and all! the vibes down there are just so chill, and calm, and happy... it's more of what i need in my life. fancy a trip down to look at houses? x

arrrrgh! we're having such a fab day! it was a real shame about the weather last night but today's been really magical! the four of us have spent the morning wandering the backstreets and taking loads of photos (and of course i made bex take photos of me in my new rain mac because it's perfect), and having a really lovely day. jasmin has been to brighton before, but never really taken much notice of all the things, so i took her on a personal tour of the seaside town i hope to make mine one day. it started spitting just after midday and the girls had a train to catch back to london, so we said goodbye to them and headed to the pier for a little bit of jingle-jangle before heading back ourselves. it felt a bit rushed, this trip, but still.. i'll take any excuse i can to get out of london these days! speaking of which: what's the plan tomorrow? x

you would not believe the afternoon we had today. so, we said goodbye to the girls and headed to the pier and literally minutes after arriving, the wind flared up again, the clouds gathered, and then bam! literally thunder storm over head and we were saturated in seconds. i was in a rain mac so thankfully was a little drier than most, but bex - mate - was in a denim jacket, both of us in crepe trousers, and absolutely soaked to the bone. there wasn't even any point trying to find cover because we were absolutely saturated and nothing could have fixed that. we begrudgingly made our way back to the hotel where we borrowed the disabled loos so we could change into something dry, and then squelched our way to the train station. typically, as soon as we boarded, the sun came back out. gah! why must you play me like this, brighton! still, she's as moody as me; i think it's proof i need to be there... *wink* what do you need me to bring tonight? x

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