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10 November 2017


i was super looking forward to our trip to sheffield, not just for all the fun things we had planned, but also (mainly) because i was gagging to see the winter garden. i'd read about it, and seen the plants all over the internet, but the indoor tropical garden was something i needed to see myself. it just so happened to be bloody freezing day outside on the day we arrived, so hanging out in the delightfully warm man-made garden seemed like the perfect way to spend an afternoon in the steel city.

i'd packed with me a bargain dress i'd nabbed in the dotty p sale not a week earlier, and one i don't think i would normally have gone for - if not for the £10 price tag. i am drawn to a cheap dress like a moth to a flame, but in the case of this dress, drawn more to the little details of it; a pretty, unfinished hem that created a ruffle effect on the sleeve (i usually avoid drawing attention to my arms); the very autumnal palette of red, orange, and pinks (usually not my colours, at all); the comfortable jersey fabric (hardly the most flattering fabric); one of the only comfortable dresses i currently own.

it's no secret i'm having an identity crisis of late. my body doesn't feel like it's mine anymore, and no matter how much i exercise and no matter how well i eat, the weight continues to gather, and remains unshakeable. i feel gross. breathless, bloated, heavy.. just not myself. i've added a few dresses like this to the wardrobe this season as above all else: jersey is comfortable for sitting down in all day. god bless dotty p and her wonderful ways of making us gals feel a little bit better in a flattering floral dress.

boots c/o lotd | dress : dorothy perkins (sale) | cardigan : no idea, very old

i've started watching what i eat a little bit this week, and actively trying to cut out added sugars. i've had such a mega headache because of it, but that can only be a good thing, no? once these nasty buggers are out of my system, hopefully it'll get a bit easier and i can start focusing on eating foods that are only going to make me feel good all the time, instead of only while i'm eating them.