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17 November 2017


fun fact: i used to almost exclusively wear second hand clothes. i grew up in a modest household, and my mum made a lot of my clothes from scratch to help make that dollah go that little bit further. handmade clothes, coupled with some hand-me-downs from my older cousin, and whatever bargains my mum could find on the sale rails of those discount department stores basically defined my childhood, so come my early teens, and i didn't really *have* my own style. as soon as i started making my own money though, i started to experiment. i was into pop punk in a big way back then, and so was influenced a lot by that whole "rockabilly" scene with my sartorial choices. it was the early 00s, and the only place to find those sorts of vintage pieces? charity shops.

i bought a lot of crap, don't get me wrong, but there were a handful of pieces that - with a little alterations, become some totally restored treasures, and i spent my weekends scouting vintage shops and charity shops for those little gems that could be given a second chance. my best mate lauren and i would take big drives to second hand warehouses, and come back with bags and bags full of dresses we planned to alter, and make more "fashun", but truthfully sat in those bags for months until they were donated back to charity once more. the circle of life?

these days, i tend to stick to the sale racks of my fave online stores went hunting for new threads, but now with charley living only around the corner, i am persuaded a lot more than i used to to head to the local charity shops for a mooch. i swear that girl never leaves a charity store empty handed, and she finds the most amazing things - probably because she's slim and leggy, and i am neither, but that's not the point. the point is, she's a bad influence, and i am easily led. in today's instalment of "things erica bought even though she has no money", i'd like to show you some of them. the upside of all of this, is that every single thing i'm wearing is second-hand.

i found the dress on a random jaunt to the pharmacy a few weeks ago - and on a day when i was feeling particularly crap about myself, and it perked me right up. it's a little big, which naturally makes me feel good, but because it's vintage (super old labels), it's also a weird fit and is super loose up the top, while being perfect in the skirt. i miiiight consider a tailor, though i probably won't - not for a £3 dress i love the collared neckline and of course, the polkadot print. it's just so very me!. my jazzy monochrome shoes were an panicked ebay find when after i accidentally left my silver versions on a trip away and wasn't sure how to live my life without them - £15 for brand new clarks? yep. i'll take them! they go with literally everything, and are the closest thing i have to black shoes. so, not very close.

dress and beret : vintage | shoes : clarks | coat : primark | bag : cath kidston | pin : souvenir shop

the coat and the beret are newest of all, both scouted on my weekend to sheffield recently; the soft, angora beret was discovered lying around in an antique shop for a measly two quid, and the coat was found in an independent charity shop in the peak district. it's got an old school primark label, and has a small amount of wool in it, which i figured made it a steal for £6 - especially as the teal colour is so freaken amazing! the cut is so weird; it's almost tulip-esque? it's hardly flattering, but it's got a real vintage feel to it, so i am more than pleased with my little haul.

the only thing that's stopping this outfit from being totally thrifted, is the backpack. i nabbed it in the cath kids sale a few weeks ago on a whim, and i regret nothing. yes, the kids department, but it's actually the perfect size for my everyday needs. plus: it's waterproof, wipes clean, has a velcro close, and also - the best bit - an insulated pouch for my lunchbox! shame i don't have a lunchbox, but still. it's a nice touch. and, for bonus points: it totally matches my beret, so.. forgive me. i'm cute!

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