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24 November 2017


while we were in sheffield, one of our stops was the antique quarter, which was sold to us as an area of thriving independent boutiques, vintage stores, and reclaimed furniture. when we arrived, we weren't so sure. it seemed like warehouses of junk on the surface, but with sandwich boards along the pavement promising homemade treats, bargain basements, and unique antiques, we figured we'd give it a good old-fashioned try.

in the first (and only) warehouse we wandered into, i struck gold (without even trying, really); i fell upon a magenta beret in a leopard print, made of what looked like mohair, or a fine wool of some sort, and it was only two quid. two quid! a literal bargain, seeing as it was in near-new condition, and was the exact same shade of my hair. bonus! thinking i was the luckiest gal in the world, i grabbed the beret and moved on, but not before something pastel pink caught my eye..

an traditional barbour scarf, in pale pink wool with a fine blue and purple check, in absolutely perfect condition, with the tag of authenticity still attached. it was so soft, and smelled so good, and although it was a little more than i would normally spend on a second-hand scarf - i bought it. i bought all twelve pounds of it, because it went so well with the beret, and because, well, because it is beautiful and warm, and goes with everything i own. an investment piece, if you will.

coat and glasses : new look | dress : everything 5 pounds | shoes : clarks | scarf : vintage

since getting back from the peak district, the scarf hasn't left my neck. i've been wearing everyday to and from work, and it goes with all my coats like it was made for them. from this black parka to my vintage houndstooth swing coat, and my new-to-me teal green pea coat, the pastel hue is subtle enough to compliment everything i own. if we're talking value for money, then the cost per wear on this bad boy has already been reduced to pennies; oh, i do love a good deal.

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