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15 November 2017


i will save you the spiel about how great the dead dolls house is, because i'm pretty sure i harped on about it enough the last time i was there, right? well. after that tasty brunch we had in the summer, we always planned to go back. especially since their menu changed into the vegan smorgasbord of delight (good for the veggie and plant-based among the group, and avid try-anything-ers like me), and more of us could enjoy their spoils, but then a game changing curve-ball was thrown my way that pushed all that plant-based goodness out the window: i heard about their newly-introduced weekday special, imaginatively called "wings wednesday".

the offer is thus: you may consume two hours worth of bottomless chicken wings, in five incredible flavours, for a mere ten british pounds, with the purchase of any drink. one serve of wings comes with about five delicious meaty portions, and so much surplus sauce that chips are definitely needed on the side. but that's part and parcel of ordering chicken wings, right?  

for the first round, i went for the chinese-inspired honey and soy, while jasmin opted for the similarly oriental lemon chicken. they arrived perfectly crispy, and dripping in sauce, and in one bite i knew i was in for a bad night. why? because i was supposed to be "watching what i was eating", but quite honestly the only thing i could foresee was an evening of eating my body weight in wings. the honey soy was sweet - so very sweet, and tangy to boot. a little bit spicy, but nothing other than deliciousness dancing all over my taste buds. the lemon chicken was a tad tooooo lemony for me, so i left jasmin to it and devoured my whole plate (and a portion of chips to dip in the sauce!).

for the second round, i went with the bad boy sweet harissa, while jas opted for the american classic: the buffalo and blue. their blue was blended with buttermilk (which tends to not agree with me) which i avoided, but i did sample a wing. yup, tasted like buffalo. honestly, buffalo to me is such a non-flavour; it is the same wherever you have it, and it's a bit too on the hot side for me. i like chilli as much as the next person, but when something is consistently hot like buffalo is, it makes it hard to enjoy, if that makes sense. i guess that's what the dipping sauce is for though. regardless, the sweet harissa was much fierier than the honey soy - as expected - but goddamn it was so sweet and spicy! chilli seeds and fragrant harissa flavouring made the wings extra crunchy, and oh so more-ish, and after the second serve, i wished i'd taken my time a bit more, as it all started to hurt...

we couldn't quit there, though! unlimited means more than two portions, no matter what your stomach says, so we went in for just one more. i returned to the honey soy while jasmin stuck to her buffalo babes, and together we struggled big time to get through those last five. the three glasses of bubbles and serve of fries on the side didn't help much, but it sure as hell tasted great. we had to give up eventually, admitting defeat after only a few bites into our third and final order.

for a tenner, they're extremely good value. i've been had by street food vendors in the past, who serve the same thing, though much less tasty, for a tenner for just one serve. these ones come piping hot out of a clean kitchen, and continue to come until you can eat no more. the sides are about £3 or £4 which is london for ya, and the bubbles? well, you pay what you pay for that too. but mainly? i'll be going back for those wings. will i see you there?

*we were guests of the dead dolls house, but all delicious memories are mine.

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