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11 January 2013

me? ohmigosh! you're kidding. wow..

thank you to sweet harriet over at a rush of love (check her out in my side bar!), i've been nominated for my first liebster award! and i don't mean that like i am expecting more nominations, just that.. holy hell! someone nominated me for a goddamn blogging award! the liebster award is given to up-and-coming bloggers (me) with less than 200 readers (definitely me). it's a great way to find new blogs, make new friends, and learn a bit more about each other. it's also a grrreeeat way to boost the fragile blogger ego (mine) with a bit of virtual love. so, thanks harriet!

here are the rules, if you'd like to join in yourself:
1. thank and link back to the person who nominated you (that would be me)
2. answer the 11 questions from your nominee
3. create 11 new questions for your nominees
4. nominate 11 up and coming blog with less than 200 followers
5. go to each of your nominees blogs and let them know about the award
6. list 11 facts about yourself

here i respond to harriet's questions:

1. what is your favourite type of music? i am a sucker for some cheesy pop when the time is right, but my faaaaaaave music is indie-rock-pop-punk-rock. that about sums it up.
2. sweet or savoury? depends. cheesecake and corn chips. so... both!
3. what is your favourite chocolate bar? curly wurly, duh.
4. where do you buy your clothes? high street baby! primark, new look, h&m...
5. what drink would you choose on a night out? pink wine, all the way.
6. what is your favourite film? oh god, who knows. mean girls? shawshank redemption? batman begins? spice world (i'm kidding)(or.. am i?)
7. who is your celebrity crush? zooey deschanel and emma stone. oh, you mean dudes? joe gordon-levitt. i guess. or... justin bartha. no, bradley cooper. or, baby hemsworth. oh crap, i don't know.
8. what was your favourite childhood toy? .... pass. i read books.
9. name something that in your opinion is underrated. nutella. on everything.
10. what is your favourite meal? anything from the orient. except bugs. 
11. what is your favourite blog? mine! no, yours! no... a beautiful mess and little chief honeybee <3

i don't really have 11 blogs with less than 200 followers since the epic giveaway over at peacoats and plaid blew up and everyone gained a zillion new readers - no complaints here! but, perhaps when i have met and read some of my new reader's blogs, i will pass the award on then.

thanks again harriet!

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  1. I LOVE a beautiful mess, what good taste in blogs you have lol

    well done on the award xx

    1. thank you! ohh yes, i do love me abm - those lovelies are so inspiring!

  2. You're very welcome. I love your lovely blog xx


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