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27 January 2013

the weekend edition :: 4

apologies to those of you who have the misfortune of following me in instagram too, as none of these pics will be new to you. but, this weekend has been another quiet one. it was to be the final weekend before our first pay day since december 21st, but awesomely, our pay went through early this month! this meant that finally we could go food shopping again - which we did, and boy oh boy, £100 has never been so easily - and happily spent, by anyone ever! i went shopping shopping after, with dreams of new dresses and shoes and jumpers - oh boy! but... sadly, all i ended up with was another pair of leopard loafers, a gorgeous pastel scallopped bag that i've been eyeing for months (silver lining), and a full price denim shirt. you guys know how i feel about buying full price! i did also score some new lilac sheets, which look amazing on my bed with my (another) pretty duvet cover.

so, this weekend has had some highlights, but mostly lowlights - much like my dodgy multi-coloured home hairdye job. pizza and a weekend spent in bed was satisfying, especially with the night of rain we had here last night. tonight i'm going to make some soup, the recipe will be up later in the week.

hope you've had a good weekend yourself!