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19 January 2013

snow related post

so it finally snowed yesterday - but you would know that, unless you lived under a rock. a big, cold, icy rock! the weather reports have been going bonkers for day about the big snow storm heading in, blah blah. well, i said i would believe it when i saw it... which happened at 8am friday morning. as we were walking to work, we could see the light grey, ominous looking clouds above us, and just before we got on the train they seemed to break a little. nothing too major - just small flecks at that stage. by about 10 am though, i looked out the window, and there it was! proper snow! it was beautiful, and magical, and so pretty and whimsical. i just adore it! 

i rounded up carmen and brucie from their desks and made them come play with me in the park near our work. it was only a dusting at that stage, but we just stood there under the falling snow for about 10 minutes or so. there may or may not have been snowballs. i may or may not have been ecstatic (see above pics of my happy face). the snow kept falling, and falling, and by midday word had spread that they were letting us out at 3. wahee! except.. there seemed to be train delays on our line, which was going to be annoying on the way home. but, care not, it was snowin!

on the walk home we found about 3 or 4 inches of snow, but i was slip-sliding all the way home so i wasn't able to take decent pictures... wah! next time x

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  1. Great pics. I know what you mean about all the warnings; someone was gonna look pretty silly if we hadn't got that snow on Friday am. More on its way tomorrow. Adam


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