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6 January 2013

the weekend edition ::1

this weekend saw me move sluggishly from the bed to the couch, and back again only twice. i left the house but once, and begrudgingly showered late sunday night under duress. i was knackered. after lauren went home on wednesday night, we went home and i had some serious 'sunday night insomnia'. you know how you can't ever sleep the night before work or school? yeah, that. and i was awake for hooours. it was horrible. thank fully it was only a 2 day week for us last week, so i just had to keep reminding myself of that to get through it.

we had zero plans this weekend, but to tidy the house a bit and i wanted to get my shop in shape for the giveaway this week over at peacoats and plaid. it got a bit of a face lift, as well as some new listings. on saturday i spent most of the day brainstorming new things to keep you lovely folks entertained this year. i have come up with a few different features that should do for the time being, and am going to get my hands on a diary so i can brainstorm and prioritise my life a little better so you're not just bombarded with terrible iphone mirror shots anymore.

saturday night saw boyfriend and i move to the couch for a delicious thai green curry and dodgy copy of 'what to expect when you're expecting' - which was pretty funny, i'll admit. i will also admit that i ate an entire bowl of popcorn while texting kim before the movie even started. i'm not ashamed.

today we watched a load of movies we had set to record during the time we were off and entertaining, including the 'inbetweeners movie' and 'i love you man' (love me some paul rudd), while i scheduled a whole lot of posts and made a whole heap of bows. it's been productive!

i imagine your weekend was a thousand percent better than mine, so.. tell me about it!