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16 January 2013

nominated, again!

woah, you guys! twice in a week is crazy. thank you to sammie from love from sammie for nominating me for another liebster award! i'm gonna have to get boyfriend to put some shelves up for them all soon...! onto the business end...

- the liebster award is given by bloggers to other bloggers with 200 followers or less.
- the nominees must link back to the blogger who awarded them.
- you must write 11 random facts about yourself.
- you must answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
- you must make up 11 new questions and nominate 11 other bloggers.

the random facts:
1. i have paid income tax in 3 different countries.
2. i learned indonesian to a conversational level in high school, and have never used it since.
3. dame edna used to be my land lady.
4. i'm a natural blonde.
5. i'm afraid of the dark.
6. until recently, i was allergic to onions (for real).
7. i don't own any trousers that aren't pj's.
8. i saw adele do the single ladies dance at a mutual friend's wedding (yes, really).
9. i don't like icing, but i love cupcakes.
10. i make a cracking tea.
11. i have a dot in my cornea that i tell people is x-ray vision (it isn't).

the questions:
1. where are you from and do you like living there? i am from australia. i suppose i can't've liked living there too much if i'm now here... but i love living here :)
2. how long have you been blogging for? since march 2012.
3. what's your favourite kind of blog post? one to read would be a good outfit post. ones i like to do the best would probably be... the same, or a good recipe.
4. what's your favourite season? i'd never really seen a proper autumn until i moved to to the uk, so i would say autumn. the colours are magical and the smell of dried leaves is unbelievable. and, lots of layers!
5. what do you look forward to every year? my birthday.
6. what to you not look forward to every year? my birthday! no-one wants to get any older.
7. do you have any favourite beauty products? can't live without collection2000 24 hour felt tip liner.
8. do you have any favourite hair products? aussie 2 minute miracle and leave in condition. yum!
9. who is your favourite blogger? a mean and hard question to answer. i refuse!
10. do you friends know you blog? yep.
11. what's your favourite tv programme? errr new girl, duuuhh! betcha can't tell why...

the nominees (there are only 10, i don't know enough up-and-comers!):
donna of polka-dot pink
ashley of chevron stitches
sam of xoxo sam
nathalie of the u in cute
shannon of gin and bare it

your questions:
1. what is your middle name, and would you change your name if you could?
2. what was your first ever concert, and the last you went to?
3. what is your favourite movie, and can you recite a line from  it for us?
4. tea or coffee, and how do you take it?
5. what was the last book you read, and are you a kindle or original girl?
6. scrambled or poached, and with what on the side?
7. can you play an instrument, and to what level?
8. what one food would you survive on forever, and can you cook it?
9. lindsay lohan's best movie is meal girls. true or false?
10. pink is obviously the best colour, but what's the second best?
11. next to me, who is your favourite instagrammer, and give me their name.

link yout post back so i can stalk learn more about you lovely ladies... and thanks again sammie!

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  1. Here's mine lovely! Thanks for the nomination!


  2. Thanks so much for the nomination Erica :) I will link back when I've written my post. You certainly have some awesome facts up there! What is it with Australian schools and making kids learn Indonesian? I've never used it either.

  3. Thanks Erica :D

    http://thesimplelifeofemma.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/ive-been-nominated.html xx

  4. Whoever came up with this award is really sweet, it's nice to see young blogs supporting each other!


    1. i know, right? such a great way to build community and meet new people! x

  5. god i love new girl too! And income tax in 3 countries. that is cool but also kind of sucky = i'm not sure which way to go! I just found your blog so was happy to stumble across this post quick and get to know you better

    1. thanks for poppin' in katherine :) i stopped by your space and am now following - your blog is beautiful! x

  6. Thanks Erica! Loving the other nominated blogs, so much so, I have followed!

    Here's my post:




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