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18 March 2012

a new begining

wow... here  i am, blogging! the best (and worst) part about setting this up has been deciding how i want the page to look, as well as how much info about me i want to put on it.. i mean, this is supposed to be about me, but if i give it all away straight away then.. what's the point of the blog?

well, the worst part for me is the patience part. i suffer an intence lack of patience usually, let alone when i can't figure out how to do this, or why this is doing that instead of this. technical, no? well anyway,  i have given up. thrown in the towel and sucumb to allowing this page to look how IT chooses to look. i think i chose the wall paper, and the font. everything else was chosen by the creature who lives inside my laptop and continually messes with my settings leaving me clueless in my own domain. boyfriend even tried to investigate the issues and (surprise surprise) he and i are still none-the-wiser.

>>note: boyfriend had another good look and has now sorted it out. he reckons i besmirched him up there, but i reckon not. i also reckon he's ace for fixing the bugs. now we're all friends again, *phew

cest la vie! thus it begins. knowing me, i'll soon get bored of this or something more interesting will come along, or.. no-one will read this, or.. people will read it and realise i'm actually NOT interesting. well, i guess we'll hit that particular bridge when we get there.

thanks for reading this much.. you've already allowed this blog to surpass my expectations.

erica x