the weekend edition :: 2

saturday was spent watching a shit ton of youtube tutorials on 'crochet for beginers' and then hours spent 'casting off' and 'chaining off the hook'. i'm basically a pro now, so keep an eye peeled for the day my newly crocheted items will be available to buy in the shop. yes, peeled indeed. i also shopped a little bit, with hopes  to find some cute storage for my 38 pairs of shoes (boyfriend counted), but with no such luck. i did score some cute imitation cath k notebooks, which is good timing cos i was just raving about getting one the other day. perfect timing indeed! late afternoon was spent tidying our room for the big room switch of 2013, then capped off with (finally) reading my newest frankie, and a lovely froffy coffee... bliss!
sunday was spent moving rooms. since our landlady moved back in permanently, we all (really only she did) decided that she should have her master bedroom back. even though there are two of us, i have over 80 dresses, 38 pairs of shoes, and her (current) room has one less wardrobe. but, no big deal. sure, let's move rooms. i should be grateful she gave us one of seven shelves in the bookshelf that had to stay in the room, and that she felt compelled to take the ironing board (we'd never use it anyway) because she insisted we hold onto the ladder and drying racks. 

boyfriend and i were consistent and methodical. she just was intent on cleaning the walls and painting over dirty marks the blu-tack had left behind. we were all moved in by 1:30, then we just had to tidy everything away. she, on the other hand, still has half her crap in our lounge, and has gone out for the night. typical.
the best part of moving house is the decorating, and i worked my magic the best i could with what i have. it's spacious and pink and girly and i don't feel a tiny bit sorry for boyfriend for having to put up with it, because he has 3 guitars, a pile of books and a uni cycle all taking up residence in my pretty room, destroying the ambiance.