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5 April 2013

five things

this week has been a blur. we arrived back in england on monday, amidst rail network disruptions and the like, and by the time we got home and put some washing on, we were knackered. we celebrated our being home with a giant pizza and an early night. oh my, how good it felt to be back in my own bed. not that we didn't have a fantastic time in wales, but it's always nice coming home.

1. massive congrats to the (heavily featured around here) bloody gorgeous and very lucky kate of scathingly-brilliant who was the champion blogger in the dahlia win-a-season competition, and not only does she score any 5 pieces of dahlia products, she also now gets to have a hand in designing her own piece! this is nothing new for kate, who currently has her own frock over at modcloth too.. well deserved kate!

2. do you know charlotte? you should. she says nice things about me, often, and is very kind and helpful and pretty. go say hi. what about shannon? erm.. her love of the goldblum is fascinating. and sunae delivers an exceptionally easy to follow tutorial on how to wing your liner.. it's a cinch once you get the hang!

3. oh myyyyy god! this is so adorable. i don't even like kitties and yet.. then there's a floppy panda that's totally adorrrable too! wah, i love animals.

4. have you ever, ever felt like this? hmm... me too. how about this? tilly, you so craaay girl! i can't leave the house without blow drying 'tha bangz' (sorry) so, no. this would kill me. this is the last week for you to claim you free shipping (coupon code beingerica1) at polka dot dreams so hurry over and snap up something special (like i did!)..

5. hey girl, did you see i've been nominated in the company magazine style awards? i mean, how crazy is that! i have to thank kailey for the nomination.. i was joking around about it on twitter, and the next thing i know... so, big thank you to kailey! (feel free to nominate me if you like!)

have a great weekend!