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30 April 2013

w.i.w.t + ji ji kiki giveaway!

there are so many woodland animals happening up here today - these critters be buggin, yo! but seriously, how much of an excuse does one need to whip the old wig out when one's own hair is in an awful, in between colour and style phase? this lovely wig was compliments of annabelle's wigs recently, and although boyfriend told me i'm never allowed to wear it out, he has allowed it for outfit 'shoots', so. what do you think? i don't know if long hair even suits me, but it's a nice change! i do so adore the boho feel it's giving me, particularly with the gorgeous floral crown sorting out the barnet...

i really don't know about these tights though. i wore them because i thought they would go perfectly with my weekend in berlin bag from ji ji kiki, but looking at them back in the pics, all i can see is a hideous knee. they've photographed a lot more blue than they should have; they're not my favourites, unlike the bag, which is fast becoming my favourite. it's deceptively big! i adore the envelope shape!

both of these lovely pieces of jewellry have been gifted by the fantastic emma over at ji ji kiki for this sweet little giveaway today. the antique rabbit ring and the sparkle owl pendant (similar) are adorable pieces, and both would be the perfect addition to any spring outfit.

and, if you're not lucky enough to win - she's giving you 15% off your purchase with the code beingerica. all the details of hoe to enter are below... good luck!

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