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6 April 2013

spring wedding fever

when sara from fearless brides contacted me about their fashion blogger challenge, i thought, she's got the wrong girl. not only am i not a 'fashion blogger', i'm also not preparing for a wedding. but then i thought, ok, while i'm still not a fashion blogger, i do have a number of friends getting married this year, and i am addicted to polyvore, so this could work out well for us both.

the aim of the game was to create the perfect bridesmaids outfit for a spring wedding, from the uk highstreet, and for under £200. i love an 'outfit for under £200' challenge. because really, knowing how i shop, well that's just not a challenge. a challenge for me would be to create an outfit that isn't from new look. or that costs more than £30. also, considering the snow blanketing the country in this here record breaking spring, i wondered if i should incorporate tights and wellies in there somewhere too... but no.

but then.. i got carried away on modcloth. and while the brief was to aim for the uk high street, the clause that stipulated *must offer uk delivery* caught my eye. because we all know modcloth do deliver to the uk for a small fee (and sometimes a customs tax, but let's ignore that for the time being), and i could for sure spend more than £30 in that particular boutique! so, i did. behold!

did you expect anything less than pink? no? oh. well, these dresses are all gorgeous, no doubt, and all from modcloth. and while i do not intend on having a wedding of my own any time soon, i do love the idea of having mix and match bridesmaid's dresses. as i was trawling the archives of fearless brides, i came upon this article about how to best please your bridesmaids with their dresses. the article begins with "one dress doesn't fit all", and while we could take that literally, i also tend to think everyone has their own style too. and while it is the bride's big day, her leading ladies should be playing a close second to her radiance - if not, be at least comfortable. so yes, mix and match for all, as long as the dresses are all within the same palette and kind of sort of resemble a girl group.

when i think hair pieces, i think crown and glory. how could you not? look at how beautiful each of those pieces are, and all hand made here in the uk. i was lucky enough to get my own recently, and it's bloody gorgeous and goes with everything. so, one for everyone!

so... my favourite of the outfits has to be the second one, with the gorgeous structured skirt, divine floral crown and sky high statement heels. although, i am rather partial to the glitter jelly wedges and anything lacy, so number 3 comes a reaaaaally close second.
for a grand old sum of less than £130, some postage and maybe some cheeky tax, i've come in well under £200. well done me! except... i wasn't able to stay out of new look, but what's new.

so, what do you think? have i done well or am i well off?..