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22 April 2013

the a to z of me :: o

o is for :: odd stuff

well i'm taking a leaf out of kim's book, and doing a 'everything relevant' post. only because, i can't think of anything really poignant to do a post on. so here goes.

from about the age 23 i have been allergic to onions. i say 23, but that's when we diagnosed it. i say 'allergic' because to describe it correctly is less than civil nor social acceptable. needless to say, it's easier for all to call it an allergy. avoiding eating it sounds easy though, right? wrong. errrthang has onions in it. even if it's not listed as an ingredient, it'll creep in there under 'vegetable extract' or 'dehydtrated vegetable' or other such nonsense. it's always there as a flavouring agent. and yes, even then, i can't eat it.

this 'allergy' also extends to foods of the onion family, ruling fun things like celery, green pepper, cayenne and paprika, leek, chives and spring onions out too. for someone who loves spicy food, in particular pan-asian food, losing those foods was harrrrrrrrd. so from 23 onwards, i was making my own pasta and stir fry sauces. i was using other spices to enhance flavour, and when eating out, i was checking, double checking, triple checking that meals came sans onions. let me assure you, even when they say there's no onions, there's onions.

as i've grown older, it's started to ease up somewhat, and i can occasionally enjoy a spring onion in my dinner or some finely chopped red onion in my pasta, but i certainly don't entertain the notion all that often. sometimes though, it's worth the sacrifice (pizza, i'm looking at you).

i have no idea how this started, but somehow i have an owl fettish. i think it started from my friend ani, who we used to tease about loving owls. whenever we saw an owl, be bought it//took a picture of it//showed it to her with the catch cry, "you love owls!" well, this carried on for so long that eventually she started doing it back to me, and it got to a point where i was forced to admit that, yes. 

i do love owls.

i have no idea why. owls as an animal aren't particuarly cute, are they? they kind of look creepy. they're not like bunnies or puppies that render you goo-goo over them, and they sure as hell don't seem like an ideal pet. but, in picture or character form, they're so bloody twee! i now have owls on my bed, on clothing, accessories, and even a random plush i bought from nat's shop just cos i saw it, and had to have it.

i adore them. all year round. yes, even in summer. i don't care; they're the perfect addition to any outfit.

orange juice
don't like it, won't drink it, unless i am hungover and parched and then it's all i want to drink.

everywhere on the planet has knows this oreo advert; "first you twist it, then you lick it, then you dunk it - mom says chocolate isn't good for dogs, but you can have the rest of my milk!" and yet for sommmmme reason, here in the uk they've employed the cuteness of a little posh toddler to ruin everything i know about oreos. she's so cute, and i want to smooooosh her cheeeeeeks in. and then eat all her cookies.

i don't even know why i listed this. i literally have no comment.

i bet you feel like you've learned a lot about me here today, and rightly so. that's all genuinely interesting stuff.

*a-z of me is a weekly series created when i was suffering writers block. i also thought it might be a good way for you to get to know me a little bit better.. outside of the general nonsense and backwards mirror pictures. to follow the rest of the series, click here.