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7 April 2013

the weekend edition :: martket-ing

on saturday, carmen, nic and i headed out for some free tasters at borough market. after nic was done putting her bets on for the grand national, we headed on in. i was hunting for jam after the failed last attempt, and on the hunt through the thousands of people and the new look layout, the girls and i picked up our body-weights in cheese, sausage, chilli pesto and - without doubt, chocolate and walnut brownies. faaaaaties. at the chilli pesto stand, nic got comparing nail varnish with the guy selling them (yes, you read that right), and somehow the conversation transitioned into him smelling us in turn to see which one of use smelled like his ex girlfriend (yes, you read that right). un-lucky for me, it was me. holla at your j-lo glow, y'all (sorry about that).

once we'd found my jam lady in her new, minimalist stall (no more "our jam is better than your nan's" or "jam-azing!" signs, dammit!) and stocked up for the winter, we had worked up a thirst and headed for monmounth to join the line. there, we got chatting with a fellow aussie who was being slightly harassed by a drunken lout about her likeness to hilary swank (none). keeping her safe from harm, we chatted about her likeness to piper perabo (lots) and each of our dopplegangers,  her and our careers, our best bits about london, travelling and anything else that sprung up, until it was time to order. i took it upon myself to order on everyone's behalf, as they were all monmouth virgins and i was the only monmouth regular. then, as we stood outside in the sun deliberating our next move, we invited her - ereni, to come with us to spitalfields for judy's vintage fair. without hesitation, she agreed.

we hopped on the first bus and headed across the river. still chatting like old friends with our blonde hitchhiker, we discovered the hell out of the fair. last time i came i was with kim, and we found some really great bits - this time, we found lots of expensive bit! but most importantly, we found cupcakes! lots, and lots of cupcakes! oh, and i found these amazing retro tea sets. why on earth i bought one of each, leaving incomplete sets for someone else, i will never know. oh wait, i do know. it's cos i'm not made of money, nor do i have any restraint or willpower. 

once we were done splurging on ridiculous things, we headed across to hamilton hall at liverpool street. there, we waited for boyfriend and his boyfriend mark, who had been on a man-date, pub-hopping around borough high street since 2pm. yesssssssss. it was 5:30 before they turned up verrrrry drunk. we sat around and chatted with them for an hour or so, until i realised how late it was and how late we were going to be for rebekah's birthday party in camden. then we high tailed it out of there and ruuuuushed about getting ready and back out in time to rock up almost 2 hours late for the party.

sorry bex. but i had a really fab day, does that count?