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3 April 2013

w.i.w.t :: gone dotty

this blue sensation is kinda getting out of control now... si this shirt has been in swift rotation since i picked it up a few weeks back (the last one in store - i nabbed it off the mannequin!). the chambray is so soft and comfortable, and despite it not doing up over the paps, it fits me reeeheeeaally well in the size 10 - happy me! i just love that the dots are actually hearts - so twee! i think it looks cute tied at the waist, and way more flattering for me since i'm fairly narrow around the mid. this skirt is pretty much in my weekly rotation too - skater style, covers my bum, and... polka dots! and just like i always say, "something something polka dots"... don't you agree?

shirt // new look
skirt // primark
shoes // primark
glitter bow // handmade

**congrats to jess of girl booklet who was the lucky winner of the 1st birthday giveaway! pop on over and say well done to her if you have a minute spare**