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1 February 2014

we interrupt this transmission...

to bring you a word from our sponsors

this month i've been bad. i've had those lovely ladies sitting pretty over on my side bar, and have been so preoccupied with my own stupid selfishness and fun that i haven't even introduced any of you properly. forgive me?

first things first; today's your last chance to enter the awesome brit pack giveaway that i've had the pleasure of co-hosting this month with the help of some of my favourite british bloggers. with a few easy entries and a load of fab bloggers to meet - the £100 asos gift card prize is just the icing on the cake! what on earth are you still waiting for?... on with the introductions!

now, one of the lovely ladies co-hosting the brit pack giveaway is none other than christina of lifestyle blog 'kimi and me'. this month christina shared a really great article from the current issue of frankie, with the sub heading "let us be the first to admit it. we've gone mad for nanna's and dirty, dirty rock in this issue". and that folks, had me, hook, line and sinker. we actually got chatting over on twitter a wee while back, and i instantly fell for her wonderful outlook on life; having a bad day - this girl will perk you up!

meet sally. over the space of only a few months, sally has become a great confidant and i am lucky now to call her a friend. her sassy-cat city-centric blog 'the cafe cat' is my go-to before i head out anywhere new in london, as she does all the cool things before everyone, and she's got a great adventurous spirit about her days off! she's definitely not one to spend her days in bed (unlike me), like this one time when she spent her day off drinking cider in a men's toilet. (i hope it was cider...) i now stalk her on twitter so i can get instant updates and don't have to wait for the blog post!

you'll remember toni from a while back, when she first appeared here just after launching her own blog 'lemon freckles'. the wee sheffield lass has since bought a house, started an etsy shop and got not one, but two adorable pug puppies! lola and doug (the pug)(who comes with his own thinking chair!) feature pretty regularly, as do some of her special creations. if you don't follow her on instagram, you definitely should. at the moment, she's sharing her fave iphone picture editing apps too, so now i know all her secrets, muhaha!

it's been a real pleasure having these babes on my sidebar this month. i am constantly surprised by the community spirit around these parts, and am honoured that people would want to actually hang out on a space that is mainly just mindless natter... selling myself short much? ha!

if you're interested in spending some time here yourself, all the info is over on my sponsorship page.

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  1. hi! Met you and your blog via Rachel the Hat. Very nicely done here and love it if ya would hop on over to my little blog and join, in any way you see fit. cool.


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