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20 January 2015

because you're worth it (treat yo'self)

we all know i was feeling a little low earlier on in the year (earlier, haha, it's only three weeks in!), and gagging out for something to brighten my days so when the lovely folks over at appleyard london got in touch to talk to me about fresh flowers, my spirits started to perk right up! see, it doesn't take much; a pretty posy will pretty much do it every time!

i had a look over the range of valentine's flowers (a girl can dream) and got caught up in a sea of red roses and hot pink petals and started to wonder just how pathetic it would be to get a bouquet of roses delivered to work under the guise of an actual secret admirer, before my eyes fell upon and arrangement called lemon drizzle. with blush coloured roses paired with pale yellow carnations and the occasional white bloom, not to mention the added bonus of some delicious looking hypericum berries, i instantly knew this was the bouquet for me.

the delivery was booked for monday, and i sat back happy; satisfied that i'd chosen wisely and knowing my sweet scented selection was going to fix everything. come monday though, nothing arrived. nor tuesday, when i decided i should check with appleyard to ensure i hadn't misunderstood the information. i hadn't; it appeared the bouquet was being held in a sorting depot in north london, and now had a wednesday delivery date. disappointing, as i had plans on wednesday night, and the poor old flowers wouldn't make it into water until thursday at the earliest.

the team at appleyard were more than apologetic, and offered to cancel and replace the order at once. but as they were already en route, it seemed silly to send them away. i'm that girl that buys the broken flowers in the supermarket to save a couple quid anyway, so there's nothing i won't do to try and revive some sad looking petals. come thursday i thanked them once again for their generosity, and got them straight home and into water as quick as possible. granted, the light was low (gone) and the camera not of a great quality, but i can tell you something for nothing: i am sat three metres away from the flowers right now, and the smell is just everywhere.

sure, they petals are a little lacklustre and a few of the stems had to be relocated to the bin, but for a bouquet to have been out for delivery on a monday, and only meeting water on a thursday and still be in such great condition, you know they've come from a good place. trust me - those tesco finest ones i nab for a couple pennies from the bargain bin a) don't smell that great anyway, and b) never last the night, let alone four days un-watered. so, me = one happy bunny.

so, if you fancy spoiling yourself or someone you know (or want to subtly hint at someone else to) with a gorgeous flower delivery from appleyard, then i implore you to use the code BLOG40 to grab a generous 40% off the range of luxury bouquets (excludes flowers by post range) on the website. seriously though, what are you waiting for? get gettum girl!

*the flowers were received as a gift. all views are my own*

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