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26 January 2015

snapshots | from market to market

i have been pretty damn exhausted the last couple of days, and fighting a losing battle in avoiding picking up the dreaded lurgy; as a last-ditch effort to stay healthy i've been calling in some early nights. on friday night i headed into soho to have a few drinks with my old work crew, and thankfully still managed to be in bed by 10. aided with a little tipple before bed, i was out like a light shortly after. hallelujah! the early night of champions.

saturday morning saw me awake super early, and with the winter sun streaming through my window, i decided it would be mental to stay in bed for no reason, so i readied myself and headed out into the day. undecided where to go, i jumped on the train to see where the day would take me...

it took me to shoreditch.

i wandered the back lanes, basking in the gorgeous sunshine, snapping pictures of the vibrant art work as i walked. i made my way into spitalfields market for a nosy - i had hoped that the vintage record fair was on, but somehow i got my weekends wrong and it's not back until valentine's weekend. boo rah! 

there was an eclectic mix of traders just starting to set up when i arrived - it was just gone 10:30, so i headed over to costa for a chai latte and an opportunity to recharge my phone before having a proper snoop through once it was all ready to go. by about half twelve i was starting to get peckish, so the only natural thing to do was...

to head across the river to borough market. i've always loved the walk from liverpool street across the bridge to southwark, especially in the sunshine. but maaaaan alive, it was so windy that i came out the other side looking like a freaken scarecrow! so surprised i did not meet the man of my dreams that day *staring emoji*. the market was busy. i mean, it's always busy, but it's like as soon as londoners woke up and saw the sunshine, they all decided that borough market would be the best place to hang out. well, i suppose i too had that thought...

er so, my god. so many treats were bought. portugese natas, fresh bread, avocados, italian tomatoes and some delicious mushroom pâté and my bag was overflowing. it was almost three at this stage, and... all i wanted was to get home and eat all the food. all of the food. which is exactly how i spent the next few hours.

god bless you london.

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