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15 January 2015

w.i.w.t | the one where she wears black

dress*+ bag : asos | hairclip : crown & glory | shoes : new look

(can you tell i've been watching a lot of friends? if you get the title reference, i salute you)

holy crap, it wears black. picked this one up in that sale i keep harping on about, because, well... not sure what i was thinking except i was kind of swooning over the sweetheart neckline, and then something kinda happened and oh well, here it is. it's another of the 'smaller size variety', but because my boobs are still... original size, it does pull a little across the bust.

ok, ok... i will admit that the dress is suuuuper flattering and because it's really out of my comfort zone, it does make for a nice change. i have a couple of 'dressy' events coming up that i can definitely see this dress working for, but i can't see it making its way into regular rotation... not just yet. although i do love that i'm finally able to wear my new floral flats - wearing patterned shoes is sometimes hard for me because of the amount of patterns i wear everywhere else, so i do really love the way the whole outfit has come together; it's pink and sparkly enough to still be very 'me'.

don't get used to the black ladies, normal service to resume shortly.

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