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5 January 2015

weekend snapshots | camden

on sunday i just had to get out of the house. i'd been feeling pretty low since getting back from the lakes, and with lots of other stuff on my mind, i've just been feeling a bit... low really. i don't want to go into my misery here, this is my happy place, but so far this year's just been a bit shit, and so i needed to see something other than the duvet over my head for another day.

i rallied the troops, and we headed out - despite the chilling weather, and headed to camden for a wee outing. i hadn't been since the summer when dee was in town, and - granted, it's not as pretty on a grey day, but it doesn't take long for all the colours (both in the buildings and on the people!) to get you feeling a bit brighter!

a bit of spontaneity saw lp get her septum pierced while becks was getting her nose piercing changed over - i, of course, stayed well away from all that. i also tried to stay away from the man with the incredible wall of pastry, but the fresh raspberry cronuts were calling my name, and i just couldn't refuse... i also couldn't eat it, thanks to my fading appetite, so that was a fantastic waste of three quid.

we wandered the markets for a good few hours before deciding that actually, it was rather freezing, maybe we would be better off back home in the warm? what can i say, we put a decent effort into leaving our beds, but when the weather is that lousy, is there really anywhere better than bed - with a good book, a warm cuppa, and the sweet, sweet sounds of phil collins playing in the background? no. there isn't. plus, my new ring is cute, the end.

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