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24 January 2015

pillow cinema, shoreditch

what was last summer's hot tub cinema is this winter's pillow cinema; in the gutted remains of the old shoreditch underground station lays a new and improved cinema experience, that even the most jaded of hipsters will bloody love. impromptu bar serving the craftiest of ales? check. plethora of pop-culture classics like the breakfast and/also (pillow) fight clubs? check. £45 outdoor bean bags and £3 ikea blankets as far as the eye can see? check and check.

the current schedule runs through 'til at least early feb, but i have it on good authority that it'll be around a touch longer than that. bonus points for it actually costing less than the normal cinema, even with the sneaky online booking fee. check out the schedule and buy tickets here.

(wear warm clothes, it gets collllld in there)

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