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28 January 2015

winter wedding wardrobe

so my good friend laura is getting married this february. february is in winter time, for those of you playing at home who aren't familiar with seasons, or how they work. winter, in england, is exceptionally cold. like, the coldest of colds, and she's chosen to marry the love of her life in a gorgeous stately home in a small village outside of dorking. dorking, which is not in london, and does not have the warming safety blanket of smog that i'm so accustomed to. 

what the hell am i going to wear?

a wedding in a gorgeous stately home in a small village outside of dorking calls for something pretty, and classy, and... bloody warm. i have about a zillion dresses, yeah, and i even have the perfect shoes for the occasion. but... what am i going to do about the legs? i'm like, kinda used to wearing 100 denier tights every day of my winter life, but, i just can't wear black tights to a wedding, can i? and certainly not with the pretty frocks and shoes that i have in mind. so... what? bare legs is not an option, and i'm pretty sure you can't get 100 denier nude tights... can you? honestly, tell me, can you?

i'll also need to invest in a pretty jacket to keep me warm. i have a hundred winter coats, but not one that's smart and pretty and is wedding-appropriate. i love the hue of the pink fur jacket above, and am now on the hunt for something similar as it will totally compliment the dress/es i have in mind (very similar to that one pictured). 

so, i need your help here guys; know of a jacket floating around like the one above, or know where i can get some 100 denier nude coloured tights? leave me the links below - i'm counting on you!

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