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30 June 2015

w.i.w.t | festival fun

skirt : new look | sandals : primark | lace top : monki | floral crown : primark | belt : thrifted

how about that tan, eh? don't think you see it - just check out my pasty white and totally toned abs for evidence that i do get whiter the deeper under the layers you go. that's what a couple of days poolside in portugal, then one day wandering the cobbled lanes of york will get you, because ~trust me, i did not pick that "colour" up in london. although i may have added to it slightly on saturday at b(u)st  at hyde park, while waiting eagerly for tay tay to come out and disappoint me forever.

saturday morning i got a text from bex like, "what you wearing today?" and i had honestly not even thought about it. i really wanted to wear my new yumi dress, but it's a bit long and pretty and fancy, and i didn't really want to get it all gross and trodden on and so, i literally had no idea. it was hotttt already at 11, and we weren't meeting until after four, so i was ~sure it would cool down some by then, so put the decision making off for a little while longer.

when it became apparent that it just was ~not going to get any cooler, and the sun was planning to stay, i fretted. i wasn't keen on wearing tights and boots - i knew that would be too hot. i don't get my legs out, like - ever, and at the moment, i don't have too many maxi dresses that actually fit. anxiously, i tore open my 'stuff from last summer' drawer to asses what i owned, versus what still fit.

i saw the pop of yellow (it's kinda not quite mustard but in reality it's less orange) and thought - yes! loose fitting, lightweight, and totally summery, that was going to work just nicely. i then grabbed for my plain black maxi and finding it also a little long for a day avoiding dirt and people's feet and other such grossness on the ground, gave it a few rolls at the waist and stuck my favourite belt over the top, instantly taking it from maxi to midi length; still covering all the white of the legs, but giving me much more room to move. happy days!

because i'm a basic human, and because i am still having hand-related hair woes, i obviously chose a floral crown. i love that this one is elasticated because it means i can tuck little bits of loose hair up into it and keep the fly-aways at bay. plus, it's almost the same colour as my hair and so it's quite the hair piece, hah. finished the whole lot off with my fave snakeskin sandals; a bargain from primark at £4, i have a back up pair of these and also a tan pair, because i love a bargain - especially when they're comfy.

i was comfy, cool and colorful; the three most important factors of dressing for summer. agree?

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