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2 July 2015

bitch-a-long bloggers + musical blongo

one of the biggest perks of this blogging lark is the mates you make along the way. being a blogger means you've kind of automatically got access to this amazing group of people, who - if you're really lucky, share the same weird interests as you. so when your interests extend to loving teen movies from the mid-2000s, eating barbecued meat, and participating in organised musical fun, and you find a bunch of people - bloggers or not, who also share those interests and will actively participate in the celebrating of those kinds of things with you, mid week, two nights in a row, well, that's when you can call yourself truly spoiled.

that is exactly what happened to me last week; on wednesday, charlie, katy, rebekah, ani and i joined forces for some incredible bodeans bbq'ed meat action before heading along to what can only ever be described as "the best night of my life". if you're a london local, you'll know all about the prince charles cinema and it's bitch/quote/sing-a-long events. well, colour me excited a few months back when i'd discovered their mean girls bitch-a-long was next happening on a freaken wednesday night! i put a call out, collected my favourites together, and we went ahead and did the thing. and it was so pink, and so good!

i don't want to spoil it for those of you who might want to go still, but it was *awesome*. there was a burn book for us to slag off our mates, we had our very own damian (who was too gay to function) to welcome us to the event with a song, a round of "it was one time!", and then it was on with the show. with rules to adhere to, and the encouragement to quote along as much or little as we liked, katy and i set our minds to reciting the whole thing. and we did, you know! it was so good, 10/10 would go again.

despite getting in close to midnight on wednesday, come thursday morning i had to force myself out of bed and into the shower, as i had to do it all over again. this time, a bunch of us were planning a jaunt out to help the musical bingo lads and ladies celebrate their eighth birthday, at concrete in shoreditch. you all know i am no stranger to musical bingo as it is, but give me another reason to go, and i am 100% not going to turn it down.

we kicked off at pizza east, upstairs from the venue, where i had the misfortune of ordering a terribly dull and flavourless kwin-oah (as the waitress pronounced it) and sweet potato salad. having had a masssssisve lunch that day, i was in no mood for a pizza, but that salad made me despair. i should have had a pizza. i would have felt validated at spending that money, if i'd had a pizza. the pizzas, you guys...

i had popped to tesco and grabbed the fixings of an amazing birthday donut-cake for the guys, so after we'd made that into something presentable, we headed in for the show. we even won a few rounds! i say "we", but as we all know, i never win, so the props very rightly go to charlie and katy who actually ~did do the winning. we didn't win the overall prize (a bbq!) though, but.. fun was had by all, and it was another verrry late night for this increasingly-old lady.

come friday, i was absolutely knackered, and had well and truly deserved an early night and mammoth sleep in. in fact, both days over the weekend were well-slept, which is always a great way to spend the weekend, wouldn't you say?

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