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14 August 2015

wishlist | birthday beautification

unicorn crown | hair clips | ring | foundation | lipstick | watch | bag | perfume | blush | shoes

it's my birthday soon! like, just over a month or so now, so i thought it was time to start prepping you all so you know what to get me... a lot of things on here are the things you just don't think to buy yourself, or really, really expensive things that a boyfriend would be expected to buy, so in lieu of one of them this year, i thought it might be nice if you guys set up a crowd sourcing fund, or maybe thought about using an app like kitti that lets you pool your money so you can tackle some of the more expensive items... 

like the kate spade bag that i've literally wanted forever and was totally designed for me and definitely should be mine this year. it's a cool three hundred pounds, so if like, three hundred of you contributed a quid each, this bag could totally be mine. same goes for the swedish hasbeens and olivia burton watch - both of these are only about a hundred each, so that's certainly a smaller chunk to tackle isn't it... and i mean, those shoes seriously need to be mine, soon. they're on sale now too. i'm a 6/39. thanks guys.

the perfume and blush and foundation i've actually got covered; i was presented with a john lewis gift voucher on my one-year anniversary at work, and i knew straight away what i would spend it on. i bloomin' love nars, and since my fave pink blush was lost in transit last christmas, i have been getting by with a high street replacement, but it just doesn't have the pigmentation that nars blushers are known for, so i am desperate to replace it. similar story with the perfume really. i always ask for perfumes for bdays and leaving gifts and that type of thing, and usually a boyfriend or a mum comes through with the goods. not this year though; mum's shelled out a chunk of money to contribute toward my tattoo this month, which i am super grateful for, so i reckon i can go ahead and buy myself some smells this year. this is growing up.

the hair? yeah. you might remember my hair lightening story from earlier in the week, but essentially, i really really really want someone to do my hair like this for me. i reckon i'm going to book myself in for a re-colour at ree ree's salon rockalily cuts is shoreditch. i love the light brown/natural hair colour mixed with the the peachy tint - this is just what i have in mind for my own head, so i want to see if someone can recreate this for me. big bucks, sure. but worth it for my daily happiness, no? then i can accessorise my new hair with some totally adoooorable hair bits like the lips clips from crown & glory and the unicorn crown by shop splendere - i mean, that crown would just make my life. it's not even that expensive you guys!

i've had my eye on that pandora  ring to add to my collection for ages, and so a birthday seems like as good a time as any to finally do just that, right? i love the colour of the stone, and that the band is the same kind as my stackers - would fit in beautifully. and the lippy is a gamble. i have gambled on some limecrime velvetines in the past and it didn't really work out well; the matte lipsticks totally dried my perma-moist lips out something chronic, and so have been shelved despite their cuteness. i've heard wonderful things about sephora's laquer range, and although they do seem pretty similar to my rimmel apocolips, it's always nice to see what the 'muricans are so mad about.

so that's that. quite a list, but i am sure you lot will do me proud. i've taken all the thinking out of gift-giving this year, so there's absolutely no way you could go wrong... happy shopping, pals!

*i am quite obviously kidding, however, i would very much still like all the things*

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