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24 October 2015

giveaway | the jewellery box (closed)

as you might recall, i recently attended the bloggers blog awards in leeds. as a small thank you for attending, british accessory company jewellery box left us all a sweet treat on our seats! now, because i'm not much of a jewellery girl, but the gift was to lovely a thing to just throw away, i thought i'd go ahead a hold a wee giveaway as a way of saying thank you so much for even nominating me in the awards in the first place, or voting for me when i was shortlisted, or just even for reading my blog at all really, because ~that is still a daily win for me if i'm completely honest.

so what am i giving away, i hear you ask? well there's a lovely sterling silver and 18ct gold dipped daisy flower stud pair and matching bracelet set going to waste in my top drawer, and i want you to have it. all you have to do to win it is tell me in the comments below what your last meal on earth would be, because someone asked me today and i was at a loss; there's too many choices and not enough time!

yes i'm serious, it's that easy. sadly this is only open to uk readers, because postage is a bitch and would end up costing more than the item is even worth. but in saying that, jewellery box offer free shipping on all orders over a tenner, so that could be worth your while if you're not in the uk. or, move.

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  1. I think my last meal would have to be some sort of pasta. I don't think I'm that fussed at what pasta dish it is, I just really love pasta.. 😊 If you can decide what you last meal would be, do you have a favourite top 3 meals? 💕

  2. I think mine would be a nice warm stew, healthy but cosy! And of course some homemade bread to dip in :D

  3. Homemade Parmo chips and salad for me xx

  4. Oh that's really hard... I think my mums Sunday roast


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