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5 October 2015

some happy things.

what a weeeeek! back from holidays laaate on tuesday night, with a bug from the plane (or the many, many hours walking around in the rain), and with a tiredness hangover - the worst kind. i had wednesday off work to recoup, and then was only in the office one day last week; the best and shortest kind of week, but also mega stressful because ~so ~much ~work to catch up on this week! pray for me. in the mean time, here are some of the bestest bits from my short week:

birthday extension: i don't know anyone who just has ~one birthday day, right? you at least have a work birthday and a real one, or a birthday week, or... month, like me last year, but as i was back in the office just the one day that week, i got to continue the fun with thanks to the bearded baker's mad cake-making skills; one sole slice of birthday cake that was waiting for my breakfast on thursday. oh yes, lemon curd and vicky sponge and ohmagawd it was the best breakfast ever, biggest birthday grin.

specs appeal (or not): you know that hilarious moment you realise your new glasses make you look like garth from wayne's world? well, that. i'd returned to work to many, many parcels awaiting me, and one of them contained my new "dodger" frames from glasses direct. yeah. they're very... michael caine in the 60s, and less erica in the now, but... i'm working them.

day tripping: on friday i bunked off work and headed south with some fab blogging babes, on a day trip to kent! thanks to visit england and visit kent, we were shown around the sights of margate, introduced to some of the local traders, and ended with a trip to dreamland! visiting the retro theme park has been on my to do list since it re-opened back in june, so i was super excited to finally get down there. more to come on that, but some incredible laughs and times spent with my gal pal sal (say that fast three times), on the beach, on the dodgems, and trawling the vintage treasure shops. fun!

blog awards! early saturday morning, #littleshaun and i jumped on the train and headed to leeds to help hayley host the inaugural bloggers blog awards, and we had the absolute best afternoon and night ever. with fifty or so bloggers due to arrive by 3pm, it was a whirlwind afternoon of checking in, changing and getting a cab to the venue to help finishing setting up and then all just a blur until the awards were announced. it's a good thing i prepared in advance really, because as it was... i only bloody won the best dressed award on the night! could not believe it. i mean, i looked like a fairy princess, but was so very honoured to win the award on the day! it almost made up for the fact i didn't win the award i was actually shortlisted for... haha!

sightseeing: with a couple of hours to spare in leeds on sunday morning, shaun and i got to a bit of sightseeing of places i missed out on seeing the last time... including a pit stop in at trinity kitchen after recommendations from rhiannon about the level of great food in there. well, she wasn't wrong, and we devoured our weight in food there before sluggishly making our way to the station and making the epic journey home.

another busy and amazing week, and doesn't look to stop again this week - honestly, i have at least a week of holiday still owing to me at work, and i reckon i'm just going ~take it and chill out at home. i need a week of lay ins to get me feeling normal i think... is that a waste? tell me that's not a waste!! how was your week? tell me all about it!

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