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27 October 2015

style | tartan around

it is so so so so soosososooosooooo cold right now you guys, and it feels like it happened just overnight. not a month ago i was baking my ass off in istanbul, but now, it's positively freezing. i've been leaving the house in nothing more than my regular tights and leather jacket, but walking home in the evenings it getting a lotttttttt harder than it used to. there's ice on the cars; there's frost in the air; there's a definite ~need to get home as quick as possible to my lovely warm house and snuggly fur blanket, certain i will freeze if i stay outside a moment longer.

i tried shopping, you know, for warm clothes. but there's none that i like. it's all autumnal colours in-store, and i'm not bothered by mustard knits and burgandy checks and tan suede; no, not for me at all. it's been a good long while since i really ~updated my wardrobe, and looking through the things hanging (in colour order) in my wardrobe, it's funny (to me only, no doubt) to see dresses in there that i still have from australia. even though they don't fit so well anymore, they're still doing the trick; they're still ~in fashion. like this lace number.

this lace number is about two sizes too big, but still does the trick. well, when layered up to fuck because as i mentioned: it's bloody cold. because there's nothing i fancy buying from le shops, i've had to delve back into "the drawers" and rediscover what i wore in a past life. as in, well, last year. 

 scarf c/o happiness boutique | jumper : h&m | dress : valleygirl | boots : asos

jumpers! i have an entire drawer full of them! of pastel ones, and black ones, and novelty ones - i have lots of them to choose from, which is going to make getting dressed in the morning all the more fun, the walk to work all the more warm, and the comfort levels in my day all the more comfy.

know what else i have (re)discovered a rather fondness for in these last few weeks? scarves. not just any old scarves, mind. great big bloody blanket scarves. ones that literally double for a blanket in times of need - whether it be out for dinner and a coat's too much, or lazing on the sofa and a jacket's too far, or at work when the a/c blows a ridiculous breeze over you and you've no other salvation, the blanket scarf has rather become my go-to accessory this autumn.

i first spied this one from happiness boutique when i was a tad more ginger than i am now, and thought it would be the perfect thing to compliment my hair. then i went pink, and i worried. but then i turned up, and it's bloody wonderful! the orange tartan is lightened with a really pale blue and a sunny yellow, making this a fab alternative to those other autumnal colours that i just can't stand. who'da thought it eh; me in orange! again!

needless to say, the thing has become a regular in my wardrobe - somewhat of a staple. dressing around ~orange isn't the easiest, but i'm finding all these marvellous colour combinations that i'd not considered before; ice blue and orange, plum and orange, and more obviously, grey and orange. it's fun to experiment anyway, and as long as i keep warm while i do it, then it's no skin off my nose.

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